Monday, May 22, 2006

This is Not the Court of Queen Elizabeth

TCM has some interesting tidbits about the rivalry between Bob and Bette Davis during the filming of June Bride. My fav:

"Montgomery also had more experience with comedy than Davis did and never let her forget it with comments like, "Bette, my dear, this is not the court of Queen Elizabeth and certainly not the castle of Lady Macbeth.""

I actually watched TCM's documentary on Bette - Stardust, The Bette Davis Story. I stand firm - I still don't care for her. My vote stands with Joan Crawford.


Anonymous said...

Bob was such a wit.:)

And I cannot even begin to fathom making over $10,000 a week. To me, that's alot of money even in this day and time.

Anonymous said...

With $10,000 a week...I could outbid people on ebay! :0)