Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Letty Lynton

Banned in England on grounds that it "justified homicide without penalty."*

But that's what makes this movie so good!

Restraining order! That's what I kept screaming to myself in the back of my mind as I watched Letty Lynton. That slimy "Latin Lover" Emile got what was coming to him.

Anyhow, a great movie that I'd recommend to all y'all. I was just reading that this movie is stuck in copyright limbo-land, that it copied too closely the play Dishonored Lady (read more here). It's 2006 - get over it. Who's still alive from that lawsuit?

Bob does the typical playboy role in LL, but I'm not complaining.

* Tidbit from JoanCrawfordBest.com


Anonymous said...

our pal bantakin made me a copy of this, but i haven't been able to get back to it. a shall do so asap.

Anonymous said...

If it were released on DVD & presumably restored - it'd be a beaut of a movie!