Thursday, June 29, 2017

Good Job, Madge!

Bob and Madge Evans ... such a handsome, or rather Gorgeous couple!  Bob is 28, Madge 23 ... both at the top of their game, in the looks department.  There just weren't that many women around who could hold their ground in a photo with the 28-year-old Mr. Montgomery.  I mean, even his hair is gorgeous!  Good job, Madge. 

                            Bob and Madge in Hell Below (1933)

And Happy Birthday to Madge, born July 1, 1909. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Who The Heck Is Beatrice Halstead?

So, it is the fall of 1938.  You wrote a letter to your idol (Bob, of course!) early that summer and never heard from him.  Sigh.  But, WAIT!  There's a letter in the mailbox for you and it's from Culver City, Calif.  Could it be? 

You flip it over, and there it is, Robert Montgomery's return address!  Wow!  It has actually happened.  You have finally received a response from your hero. Wow!  You rush to track down Mom's letter opener, not wanting to damage the envelope, because you know you will want to save it forever. 

You catch your breath, open the letter on the matching stationary and begin to read:  "Dear Mr. Mank: ..."

Who in the heck is Beatrice Halstead?  Bob is vacationing and you don't know when he will return?  How much vacation does he get, anyway?  Oh, well, a letter on his stationary ... can't wait to show the gang!

(For the record:  Bob finished filming Three Loves Has Nancy on August 4th and then vacationed in England, returning to L.A. on Sept. 16th.  Filming on his next movie, Fast and Loose, began Dec. 16th.  So, do you think Beatrice did not really know Bob's plans?  Hmmm....)

(For the record II:  Bob hired Beatrice Halstead to handle his fan mail at the beginning of his career and she continued as his secretary at least throughout the 1930s.)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Very, Very High Temps Continue

... and that means another monstrous headache.  Moving to Alaska sounds good right now.  Hey, might run into Bob as he floats by on his large chunk of ice.  (Mr. Montgomery had to have enjoyed posing for this one, as did everyone on the set, I'd imagine!)

                                 Petticoat Fever (1936)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

And It's Not Even Summer Yet!!!

We set a record here in beautiful Bakersfield ... 109 degrees, beating out the 107 set in 1947.  It is a record I would prefer not to have experienced first hand.  I get headaches whenever the temperature exceeds 103.  I have a whopper at present. 

Ever so fortunately, we have a pool.  A pool that is surrounded with umbrellas because the direct sun would parboil me in a matter of minutes.  Mr. Montgomery resided in Beverly Hills, which explains the lack of umbrellas.  Otherwise, you might mistake his backyard with mine.  Well, except for the mansion.  And a gardener tending to the flowers on the hillside.  And the presence of a gorgeous man dangling his feet in the water.  Sigh. 

                             Bob at home, summer of 1938

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Do You Remember This Song In The Movie?

I don't.  Don't really think of They Were Expendable (1945) as having songs in it.  "To the End of the End of the World" ... doesn't sound like a song you would be humming as you left the theater!  Whatever, it does make for a nifty music sheet cover. 

By the way, a copy is available on eBay for only $194.95 ... My copy cost $4.95.  Wow, did I ever save money!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Back in Bob's Very, Very Slender Days

June Walker, whose birthday is Wednesday, June 14th, originated the character of Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes on Broadway.  You know, the Marilyn Monroe role.  Hmmm ... I never quite saw that.

                      Bob and June Walker in War Nurse (1930)

Anyway, in the midst of doing a little surfing on the net, I ran across this photo of June.  Okay, the blonde hair, different hairstyle and makeup, a few years younger ... okay, I can see it. 

Thursday, June 08, 2017

While the Fans Are Still Alive to Enjoy It ....

Two beautiful people, he in a tuxedo and she in gown and fur, with aperitifs in hand looking longingly into each other's eyes ...

Oh, would somebody PLEASE release Letty Lynton on DVD!!  TCM, the WB, Criterion ... Hey, Netflix, you've got the coin!  A remastered movie added to your immense collection would be a nice touch, certainly a lot less expensive then those mini-series you are churning out.  Just think about it.  Please. 

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

He Just Looked Great in a Uniform!

This is a photo taken by the Navy on Bob's return home from serving in the Pacific.  And the difference between a Navy portrait of Bob and an MGM portrait of same is ... MAKEUP!  Makeup and lighting can do wonders for a middle-aged actor, but Bob doesn't need it here.  So you can see his predominant five-o'clock shadow and his double chin, so what.  This is one handsome 39-year-old dude. 

               Lt. Commander Henry Montgomery, Jr., May, 1943

Sunday, June 04, 2017

June 4th, Roz's Day...Looking Great, As Always!

                         Rosalind Russell in Girl Rush (1955)

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Still a Beautiful Young Man

I became an "official" contributor on the blog five years ago.  It was May 27th, 2012, when Carrie finally convinced me that my doing the blog would actually work out.  Carrie is a great convincer. 

And after five years of reading/writing/watching/listening to Robert Montgomery, I continue to think that he was a beautiful young man who grew into being a most admirable man.  Complicated, yes.  A man who did not suffer fools, yes.  But, amazing in his accomplishments, the extent of his talents.  Would so loved to have met the man.  Shake his hand and thank him for the many, many enjoyable hours I have spent with him, if in spirit only. 

And thank you for giving me the excuse to do this.  For the most part, the blog is great fun, although there are those times when my mind freezes and it's a real challenge to come up with a post.  But, fortunately, having such a fascinating subject saves the day.  Thanks, again, for checking in.