Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Interesting Fella - Robert Benchley

Ok, so I have this photo of Bob and this other guy - drinking. The guy looks familiar. Someone points out to me who this guy is and it all starts clicking together. It'’s Robert Benchley. Literally the next day, I'm watching one of The Thin Man DVDs and one of the extras is the featurette Why Daddy, with guess who.

I really don'’t know much about Robert, so I started looking around. Instead of giving you some drawn out bio, here'’s some of the more interesting points I found, compliments of Wikipedia:
  • He was an early and regular contributor to the New Yorker Magazine, Life magazine and a humor columnist for the Hearst Corporation Newspapers.
  • The Robert Benchley Society gives an annual humor award in Benchley's honor.
  • He's in Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent (aha, another familiar face)
  • One of Benchley's specialties in film was the "embarrassing speech" -- nervous, stammering, clearing his throat, making no sense whatsoever.
  • He is the father of author Nathaniel Benchley author of The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming, and grandfather of Jaws writer Peter Benchley.
  • Spotted these on IMDB - The Sex Life of a Polyp and The Romance of Digestion
You can also check Robert out in his roles with Bob in Live, Love & Learn and Picadilly Jim (which is on my *to see* list).


Anonymous said...

you should definitely check out the newly released dvd of his paramount comedy shorts!

Anonymous said...

Will do - What's the name of it - just look under his name??

Anonymous said...

here ya go.....

sorry....i didn't know if my livejournal skillz would work here on blogspot, so you get the whole link instead of just a highlighted word.;p

Anonymous said...

ah drat....the link didn't work.

ok, go to amazon, look under dvd for robert benchley, and then you'll be in business.;p

Anonymous said...

Oh cool - found it ...*wish list*