Thursday, May 27, 2021

Silky and Babe Enjoying Chicago

 It's 'Silky' Kilmount keeping busy in his office prior to his gig in London.  I have always hated being threatened (usually by my brother) of being shot by a rubber band.  Hey, it hurts, right?!  Yes, Silky, you are indeed being mean to your girl 'Babe'.  Better watch those feet!

 And your tie does match your persona, a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. 

 If you've ever wondered to whom those legs belonged, meet Gladys Blake of Virginia.  Formerly of vaudeville, Ms. Blake tried the movies without much success.  She had numerous bit parts  throughout the 1940s, but most were uncredited.  It appears she gave it all up in 1952.  Anyway, it is easy to see why she would gain Silky's attention. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

But, It's Not Going to Fit on the Marquee, Paul!

 In my pursuit of all things Montgomery, I occasionally find myself buying photo lots for that one elusive picture of Bob I don't have.  Most of the other photos are tossers, but I am your basic photo hoarder so I still have them around ... somewhere.  Last year I came across a lot of five fan photos, one of which was Bob out and about in Beverly Hills in 1943, which I used in a previous post.  As it turns out, all of the five are keepers.  

Paul Henreid had to shorten his name a tad when he entered acting.  Get this one:  Paul Georg Julius Freiherr von Hernreid Ritter von Wasel-Waldingau.  Now that's impressive.  So was Mr. Henreid physically, a robust 6' 3".  I point that out because it looks like he was cornered at night by an aggressive fan as he was headed for his perhaps hotel room (note the number by his shoulder).  I think he is showing tremendous restraint.  

I'll share the others at another time.  Time for me to head off for a needed night's repose.  Oh, and Lovers Courageous (1932) will be available for streaming on TCM until June 20th.  Bob and Madge at their cutest! 

Friday, May 21, 2021

Live on Broadway (1928)

 Happy Birthday, Robert Montgomery ... Part II

It's the October 21st, 1928 edition of The New York Times.  Business is good, the page below is at least 75% ads.  Ads for french perfume, scotch wool and alpaca overcoats, and porcelain miniatures ... a readership with extra money on their hands. 

 A closer look highlights that $65 overcoat; a very young Sylvia Sidney in a play opening this week; and ... ta-da!

 Why it is that handsome juvenile lead appearing in "Possession," showing at the Booth Theater.  Robert Montgomery, surely a name to remember. 

 The next five years were amazing for the young Mr. Montgomery.  In January, 1929, he is headed for Hollywood with his MGM contract to find hard-earned success in the new talking pictures.  I'm glad someone came up with a better haircut for him! 

(TCM has failed us, no Bob movies being shown for his birthday.  They are showing Lovers Courageous (1932) this Saturday at 6:00 a.m. EDT.  Hopefully they will stream it later.)

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Made on Broadway (1933)

 Happy Birthday, Mr. Montgomery!  Yeah, I know it's the 21st... This is Part I, Part II tomorrow.  

May 21st, 1904.  Wow.  That's a long time ago.  That's what's so great about film and photography.  They catch the essence of the moment, a moment in time/life you can keep with you always.  The very handsome, cocky and elegant Robert Montgomery of 1933 continues on in my life, and hopefully yours as well.  He deserves it. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Three Live Ghosts, And One in Particular

 Another still from Three Live Ghosts (1929), Bob's missing movie.  Well, the film print may be lost, but there are plenty of stills and lobby cards.    Thank Goodness.  

Joan Bennett looks completely won over by our poor, down-on-his-luck Bob.  'Boy Gets Girl' is a rather common theme in most of Bob's movies.  Fortunately, the tattered clothes bit does not stay with him after this movie. 

And what the photo really does show is how much the camera adores the young Mr. Montgomery.  As I've said a few times before .... Rrrff!!


Thursday, May 13, 2021

Armed Forces Day, May 15th

 Time to raise our flag in honor of all who have or are serving in our armed forces.  Thank you all ever so much.

            Lt. Commander Henry Montgomery, Jr., U.S.N.R. (1943)

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Just Wondering

 So ... it is September, 1949.  Bob has wrapped up filming of Eye Witness (1950) and is headed home.  Buffy and the kids returned home August 23rd to get ready for school.  Note that Bob is wearing an overcoat, all nicely tailored of course.  Question:  Whose coat is he carrying?  

After completing the film "Your Witness," Robert Montgomery, left, flew from London Airport today to return to America.  With him as he boarded the plane were Yehudi Menuhin and his wife, who have just finished a European tour.

Thursday, May 06, 2021



Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Two Bobs for the Price of One

 Autographs are nifty.  They're a nice memento of someone you have perhaps met, albeit briefly, or never met in person but would sure like to.  I never met Robert Montgomery, but I do have a "few" mementos of the gentleman, including several dozen autographs.  Handling a piece of paper that he also handled ... as close as I can get!  Anyway ... below is a new addition to the collection.  It's quite a hurried or sloppy version of his more formal signature, but I am rather sure of its authenticity.  I have a July 1, 1939 autograph that is quite similar.  He was in England at the time, a lot of the autographs I have that were taken from autograph books originated in England.  Besides having spent several years overall in England, I'm guessing he was more accessible there.  In the 1930s, Bob was either working at the studio or headed out of LA for peace and quiet. 

What is rather unique with the autograph is what is on the flip side.  Yep, another Bob autograph!  Too much.  The fan went back for seconds?  I can see that.  The attached photo is probably from the late 1930s, which helps determine the time frame of the signature(s).  My day was made.  Twice as close...