Thursday, May 04, 2006

From Green Corn to Guns

I'm a John Dall fan. "John who"?

Well, chances are you've seen him. He tried to tame Annie Laurie Star in Gun Crazy. Gave an Oscar nominated performance in The Corn Is Green. Helped commit murder in Rope. Was a Roman army commander in Spartacus.

No one else seems to remember him, so I will.

There's hardly any info out there on him except for the usual IMDB bio. His movies on DVD are harder than hens teeth to find - that and he really didn't make many films.

I picked up the Deana Durbin DVD Sweatheart pack to get Something in the Wind. Naw, I really don't care for the singing numbers. I think now thinks I like musicals. Set also includes Ray Milland & Robert Cummings, so it isn't a total waste.

Just my two cents for another forgotten actor.


Anonymous said...

you're right, i didn't know the name but i knew the face. he was so fantastically evil in rope.

Anonymous said...

we'll have to discuss gun crazy sometime! i adore that movie.

Anonymous said...

A lotta people don't like 'Rope,' but it is a good one. The best part is on the DVD, there's a movie trailer which shows the life of the murderee - the day before he's killed. He has more screen time in that trailer than in the movie itself