Thursday, January 28, 2016

Okay ... Who Is Cuter?

Bob made five films with Madge Evans:  Lovers Courageous, Hell Below, Made on Broadway, Fugitive Lovers and Piccadilly Jim.   They made a great pair and the publicity stills of the two for Lovers Courageous and Fugitive Lovers are simply wonderful.  Such a nice-looking couple.  Yeah, you hold on to him, Madge.  He's a darn good catch!

                 Bob and Madge Evans in Lovers Courageous (1932)***

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I'm Guessing His First ... Fan Card That Is

A very, very young Mr. Montgomery.  I mean, he hasn't even had his top front teeth capped as yet!  And the hair ... it's only receding on the left side.  So, it's early 1929, I'm guessing, which would make him still 24 years old.  Sound 'bout right?  He looks even younger to me.

The sparkle in his eyes never changes. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Same Photo? Almost.

Two photos of Bob as Lucky Gagin in Ride the Pink Horse (1947).  At first I thought I had two copies of the same photo.  It was not until I had them lined up next to each other that I realized they were different.  I favor the second one, it is simply more Bob-like.  

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What Do You Think the Boys Are Up To?

          Clark and Bob in the MGM commissary, c. June, 1937

I do love the "candids" produced by the studios.  They are all staged to some degree, but it is always fun to see a favorite star off screen.  Unfortunately, most provide too little information.  In the above photo, wouldn't you love to know what Clark and Bob are discussing.  Hunting ... their latest sports car ... SAG business ... wine, women, and song ... what's on the menu?  

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tell That To Somebody Who'll Believe It ...

          William Powell and Kay Francis in For the Defense (1930)

Let's see, Bill plays the slick lawyer who has become successful representing criminals and Kay is his two-timing lover.  Of course, if he would only consider marrying her ...

Kay Francis was born January 13, 1905.  Or that's the claim.  This makes her just 17 when she married for a third time.  Ah, but it is a woman's right to decide just how old she is to the rest of the world ... right?

Kay was extremely successful in the 1930's, the "Queen of Warner Brothers."  Yet, she is all but forgotten these days.  It did not help that Kay sued Warners in an effort to get out of her contract.  She was unhappy with the roles she was given and Warners was annoyed at the salary they had to pay her (as high as $5,250 per week).  Kay lost the suit, and her career suffered for it.  Ending her career with a string of forgettable movies, helped make her forgettable as well.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Perhaps the Last Photo of the Day?

After a lengthy photo shoot for Ride the Pink Horse, our tired director/star Mr. Montgomery stays still for one more photo.  Almost.  Is that a Montgomery smile breaking loose on tough guy Lucky Gagin's face?  Would Gagin really twirl his gun that way?  Yeah, Bob, you're breaking character .... time to go home for the day.

Sunday, January 03, 2016