Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Happy Birthday, Ms. Evans!

Classy picture of a classy lady.

                  Madge Evans, b. July 1, 1909 - d. April 26, 1981

Thursday, June 25, 2020

HAWMPS! (Help, Get me out of this movie!)

Jack Elam did not need props to steal a scene, but give him a bush of a beard and a dozen guns and stand aside, partner, there is no sharing in this scene. 

Mr. Elam played Bad Jack Cutter in Hawmps! (1976), about camels being tested for use in the U.S. Cavalry in the 1850's.  Doesn't ring a bell, eh?  Even with big-time western supporting actors Chill  Wills and Denver Pyle being featured players, no amount of screen stealing could save this movie (5.4 rating on IMDB). 

I have actually seen Hawmps!  I don't remember it all too well, but I am quite certain Chill and Denver did not appear in a scene with Mr. Elam.  Smart guys. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

He kinda catches your attention, doesn't he!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

A Magnificent Young Man & His Flying Machine

Is this a happy young man, or what?!  His entire face is grinning.  Yes, Bob was an amateur pilot for a brief time, and obviously enjoyed it.  He and Chester Morris went to Georgia, received some basic training and obtained their pilot licenses before flying back to California.  And that sums up my total knowledge of Mr. Montgomery's flying career. 

 Oh, and I believe it happened in 1930, the same time frame for this snapshot.  And I'm guessing Bob has flown a plane being used in a movie about WWI, German flight insignia's and all.  Perhaps there is some connection with War Nurse (1930), but that is pure speculation.   Other than one studio photo shoot of Bob and his plane, there doesn't seem to be any other photos of his flying days, no articles about it either, other than brief mentions, like "Bob is also interested in flying..."  He would continue to fly extensively via commercial planes throughout his life, so it wasn't a fear of flying that stopped him.  Maybe a promise to Betty?

Did you notice the white bucks?  The required Montgomery footwear for casual attire.  And a flyer's scarf ... of course!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Blue Eyes, Smiling at Me ...

I know you have seen this photo of Bob, not many of him in color, darn it.  Recently, I ran across a second photo from the same shoot.  Seen together it is difficult to believe they were taken the same day.  Color v. B&W does indeed make a difference.  Trying to decide which I prefer.  Seeing blue eyes is always a plus.  I'll just have to look at the two photos for a while longer before deciding.  Yes, it is a difficult task I have set for myself....

Thursday, June 11, 2020

No More Ladies ... But Why?

Well, yes, I do have to admit it is just great to have an original Hurrell or two in my Bob collection.  That stamp on the back is nice, and the photos themselves are ever so nice. 

      Robert Montgomery & Joan Crawford in No More Ladies (1935)

But, sometimes that stamp and/or the embossed name on front gets in the way of my obtaining a Bob photo that I would ever so much love to have.  And that is indeed frustrating.  This week a photo of a very young Mr. Montgomery was auctioned for $180!!  Lordy, but I so could not afford that.  Now if it hadn't had that darn stamp, I might have been able to stay in the bidding.  Sigh.  It was a gorgeous portrait.  I do hope the winner is a Bob fan, not just a Hurrell buyer, so it can be truly appreciated for a long time. 

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Bob Could Really Get Into a Part - Almost Scary

  Robert Montgomery as Silky Kilmount in The Earl of Chicago (1940)

Thursday, June 04, 2020

Happy Birthday, Roz!!

Roz went directly from playing Lady Venetia Cunningham in Under Two Flags (1936) to Princess Brenda of Irania in Trouble for Two (1936).  Not exactly roles that utilized Ms. Russell's abilities to their fullest.  At least her hairstyle in Under Two Flags was quite classy. 

     Promotional still of Rosalind Russell for Under Two Flags (1936)

TCM is showing a six-movie marathon of Roz's movies today for her birthday, starting at 7:15 ET.  

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Fun Finds From Bulk Buys

Most often when you buy photos in bulk, you might get what you paid for.  Or you just might find that hidden treasure you are seeking.  Sharing three of my "treasures" with you. 

A double-weight photo with a matte finish that is in perfect shape is becoming a rare find, particularly when it is a still with Bob and Roz Russell from Fast and Loose (1939).  I saw it in a bulk lot of movie stills, many damaged and most from little known movies.  It was like finding a cut gem amongst river gravel. 

I enjoy autographed items.  It means that person actually made contact with the item that you are now holding.  And if the item pre-dates Covid19, then it is all good!  Harry Carey, Jr. was one of those likeable guys in mostly Western movies.  Watching him and Ben Johnson ride horses, a sheer pleasure.  A nice find. 

This is an original photo, trimmed, approx. 9x12 inches of Will Rogers.  It came with a large stack of mostly magazine articles, covers and ads from the 1900s through the 1910s.  This was the only photo with two movie ads for 1920 movies of Rogers'.  1920 would be a good guess for the photo, perhaps earlier.  Have not run across the photo anywhere, except as an illustration.  Whatever, it is a nifty photo, a fun find.