Monday, May 08, 2006

The Sins of the Children

The Sins of the Children, one of Bob'’s early films from 1930, was just released on DVD by the Roan Group. Of course, I had to pick me up a copy from Amazon.

The quality of the movie is pretty good. The sound is hard to understand at times, just because it'’s an early sound film and the main character has a thick German accent. I caught myself *squinting* to hear some of the dialogue in the movie - that makes no sense at all!

The DVD itself starts with a mini-overview of the actors in the film. At first I thought I bought an analysis to a movie without a movie. This overview is done by Lou Lumenick (never heard of him) from the New York Post. Looks like someone got their home movie camera out for that piece.

I had a hard time getting into Sins at first, but it became more like a soap opera as the story developed and I got sucked in. The father of four does whatever is needed to make sure his children have the best and live healthy lives. He and his wife as parents give up much, including an opportunity to get rich. Well, as time goes on, the children make mistakes, big ones, and dad is always there to bail them out. The end of the movie reminds me a lot of It'’s a Wonderful Life.

Bob actually has a smaller role in this film as the love interest of the father'’s daughter. I think the most likeable character in the whole story is played by Elliott Nugent, the inventor in the family.


Anonymous said...

I bought this off ebay. It's your typical dubbed copy. Every once in a while, the TCM logo appears.;p Can't say this is a favorite of mine, but my mom says it's one of her top ten favorites ever! Go figure.

Elliott Nugent really annoys the hades out of me in So This Is College.

Anonymous said...

Top ten fav? Wow...must have made an impression. It missed me!