Thursday, April 26, 2018

One Can Only Imagine His Dry Cleaning Bill

Four photos from the same session by Hurrell, taken in 1932 (best guess).  At least I have them grouped together, there isn't any kind of official listing of Mr. Montgomery's photos, even those taken by Hurrell.  Bob is wearing the same suit, tie and kerchief and his hair is the same, my primary way of identifying his photos.  There are a goodly number of white suit Bobs out there, can be a tad confusing.  It took me a while to separate these from the Letty Lynton photos.  All I was seeing was Bob in a white suit, a rather pleasant distraction. 

This first photo is by far the most famous.  The boxing photos used as a background, Bob's arms resting on the statues...very nice indeed.  Have you noticed how dark Bob's right hand is?  Hurrell playing around with shadows.  There is also a mid-chest high photo of Bob with the boxers behind him, a very nice portrait of a smiling Bob.  Sadly I do not have a copy I can use, darn it. 

I'm always amazed how different Bob can look from one photo to the next.  Four photos taken on the same day, but Bob is not the same. A lot of that is due to the photographer, of course.  But Bob had an interesting relationship with the camera, both in front and behind it.  

The photo below is similar to the photo used in Tuesday's post.  More shadows.  Another great photo. 

This last photo is a magazine clipping.  The quality of the print is lacking, but it is still a nifty photo of the young Mr. Montgomery.  It is apparent that once a book is in his hands, he is lost to his own inner world.  I'm guessing this is the closest image of the real Bob that particular day.  Handsome dude, wasn't he.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Thursday, April 19, 2018

How Could Anyone Not Like This Man

                Edmund Gwenn in The Bishop Misbehaves (1935)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Flawed Bob ... Could That Really Be?

Do you see the flaw in Bob's appearance in the photo below?  No...?

                    Bob and Anita Page in Free and Easy (1930)

Perhaps if I blow up Bob's head ... can you see it now?  No...?

There's a hair hanging astray, upper right side.  Hey, we all know 25-year-old Robert Montgomery had no flaws in his appearance.  T'was just kidding with you.  And giving you another chance to admire that gorgeous shock of wavy hair! 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Happy Newlyweds Head for Bermuda

Bob and Buffy (Elizabeth II) were married December 9, 1950.  Here they are in NYC on April 8, 1951,  about to board a flight to Bermuda.  Whether it is a delayed honeymoon or a nifty way to celebrate four months of marriage, they are obviously happy to be together and on the way to warmer climes. 

To think of the brouhaha that surrounded Bob's divorce from the perspective of today's lackadaisical approach to marriage itself ... well, times have changed a tad.  Whatever, the two were together until his death in 1981, a 30-year marriage of two people obviously in love, with each other and the great life they had together. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Oh Danny Boy, Oh Danny Boy I Love You So

TCM ... this Thursday ... 6:00 p.m. EST/3:00 p.m. PST ... watch it!  You have been given plenty of warning, no excuses not to watch or tape it for later.  Night Must Fall (1937) is the one movie we Montgomery fans must watch (and often) to truly appreciate our Bob.  It is a good movie, Bob's performance is just superb and we should pay homage to Mr. Montgomery for making a deal with the devil (Louis B. Mayer, of course) in order to get the film made. 

Clarence S. Bull should be given his due for the great portraits of Danny, as well as the duo publicity photos of Danny and Olivia.  I appreciate the extra effort put in by the stars, as well as the photographer, when publicity shots are "in character."  Bob, Roz and Clarence did good. 

This scene from near the end of the movie is a great illustration of the effort Bob put into his performance.  Think about sharp, cocky Danny at the beginning of the film (as shown in the photo above) and then study the Danny in this scene.  He is dazed, alone, and diminished ... he is even the shortest person in the scene!  Now that's acting.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

And She Looks Just Great in a Uniform!

Marlene Dietrich was rather unique for her time.  And still would be these days.  She lived to be 90, rather surprisingly.  The cause was kidney failure ... not surprising.  She led a long and very interesting life.  I have always been a tad envious of Ms. Dietrich, so daring and strong-willed.  In my next life ...

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

79 Years Ago Today, Bob ...

April 3 – appears before the Senate Interstate Commerce Committee to express his opposition to a bill designed to prohibit “Block Billing” and “Blind Selling”, two trade practices which curb the discretion that a movie house owner has in selecting pictures to be shown in his community.  Speaking as a former president of SAG, Montgomery told the Committee that the Guild and their members have come to a very definite conclusion that if the bill should become a law, it would cut in half the production schedules of the Motion Picture industry.

I am quite sure Bob was serious about his presentation, but why not let everyone know you are enjoying this endeavor.  Besides, there aren't many actors who do not automatically turn on the charm with a camera pointed at them.  And it's the eyeglasses that make the photos.  The young Mr. Montgomery could never be seen with them, but 35-year-old Bob would need them to read his statement.  And what a great prop to liven up the photos of him on the committee floor.  Boy, talk about someone who knew how to pose for a camera.