Friday, May 12, 2006

The Killer in You

Put Once More, My Darling into the machine the other day. I really didn't know what to expect - never saw it before. Figured I was in for another version of The Bachelor & the Bobby-Soxer. Nope, I had a good laugh instead.

Now I'll admit, the story creeped me out a bit at first - the 19 year old & the older guy bit. I got over it.

How can I explain this...the movie has all the goods Bob could put out: the years of experience, the comedic timing, directing. Voila - an entertaining & well done film.

Some of my fav parts of the film:
  • The studio scene & the whole Scottish getup
  • Anytime you hear Ann Blyth being called 'Killer'
  • The limo driver - Charles McGraw
  • The Captain getting hauled back into the Army - with mom along side
  • Pajamas at the night club
  • Old Las Vegas
Someone should make up some 'Killer' t-shirts & sell them...


Anonymous said...

Bob's manner after he gummed up his lines in the studio scene really cracked me up. I thought the script was very good, with lots of funny lines. I'm surprised this film is never shown on TV.

Anonymous said...

It's probably stuck in the "AMC" film library, doomed to sit in a back corner, or get stuck with commercials on the late, late movie...

Anonymous said...

I love the scene in the Vegas motel when Bob gets involved in a brawl. That's something you hardly ever saw him do.

I adore this film!!:) Too bad it's pretty much doomed to obscurity.

Anonymous said...

Charles McGraw certainly suffered a most unusual death.

Anonymous said...

That's why I have a crappy vinyl shower curtain :0)