Thursday, September 16, 2021

Bill from BEFORE The Thin Man

 William Powell was at the top of his profession when he appeared in The Thin Man in 1934.  He was perfectly cast as the suave Nick Charles, and that is how many of us think of him.  But Bill was 42 by that time, having been acting for 22 years, since 1912 on the New York stage and since 1922 in the movies.  It took him a while to be able to so convincingly play that character.  

Below is Bill in Shadow of the Law (1930) portraying a businessman charged for murder.  He is innocent but the witness who can help him prove it has disappeared.  No humor and martinis in that role.

In 1926, Bill appeared in White Mice.  Neither IMDB nor Wiki has a plot line for the movie.  Can't even determine exactly what is going on in this photo.  BUT, it does prove that Bill was not born with a mustache.  He is already 34, but looks a lot younger.  Still .... I'm glad he decided on the mustache.  (Montgomery, on the other hand...) 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

And this year's Oscar for Best Drinking Buddy goes to ...

Robert Benchley!!!  And Happy Birthday, Robert!  I know, it's actually Sept. 15th, but if I change days for the blog, I get all confused.  You know how that is, don't you Mr. Benchley.  Cheers to you, my friend. 

                  Bob & Robert Benchley in Piccadilly Jim (1936)

For those of you reading this early enough, please be advised Three Loves Has Nancy (1938) is showing on TCM at 3:00 p.m. ET.  

Saturday, September 11, 2021



Thursday, September 09, 2021

"...a tip-top entertainment."

 I purchased this magazine for the cover.  Definitely a worthwhile investment for me!  Finding anything about Bob inside is always a welcome treat. 

 Now this feature has a interesting tie-in with Bob.  So, Bob is a "Number 4 person," I'd never have guessed that!!  Anyway, some of the attributes of a 4 person rather fit Mr. Montgomery. 


And an ad for a Montgomery picture ... to be expected. 

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Wearing Furs & Mukluks on a Movie Set - As Hot as Bakersfield on Labor Day!

 Ahhhh ... Dascom Dinsmore (great name!!) and Irene (Myrna) fall in love among the snow drifts and polar bears.  Great movie, great fun. 

Nice photo of the two lovers ... Bob's' at the center to include the sled as part of the setting.  Thought I'd edit it to focus on just the two.

 Yeah, that's better.

 A second trimming ... even better. 

 Third time is a charm ... perfect.  Fewer distractions.  Just two people discovering love.  Irene, you lucky lady.