Thursday, November 28, 2019

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Psssst! Thanksgiving is Almost Here!!!

The holidays are such hectic times.  Too much to do and too many things to cause us to worry.  So easy to overlook the to-give-thanks part of Thanksgiving.  Sometimes it is simply easier to list all the negatives.  But, sometimes it can be surprisingly easy to run across what is good in your life.  Ta-da ... like this photo is for me.  It brought a huge smile to my face the first time I saw it.  Ah, yes, Frank Morgan at his befuddled-king-of-some-before-unknown-country best.  And, as a twofer, under all that ceremonial garb and huge mustache, the ever reliable Reginald Owen.  Just love it.  No need to hear the scene, you know those two are taking turns stealing it, while Ray Bolger is thinking, why am I even in this scene. 

       Ray Bolger, Frank Morgan and Reginald Owen in Rosalie (1937)

Watching old movies is like visiting old friends, for which I am ever grateful.  Since my youth I have kept the company of war heroes, tough private eyes, handsome lovers in tuxedos, and adventurers of all kinds.  Just all kinds of wonderful characters who make me smile, or cry, or simply feel good.  I have rarely been lonely.  Thanks, good friends.  

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Two Smokers and No Ashtray ... Hmmm.

One of my favorite Bob movies is being shown 'On Demand' on TCM through December 19th.  It is the war classic June Bride (1948), a bickering war between international correspondent Carey Jackson (Bob) and his new boss and ex-lover Linda Gilman (Bette Davis).  There is also the off-camera war between the two stars --- Bette very grudgingly agreed to working with Bob --- which seems to aid their performances. 

                       Bette Davis and Bob in June Bride (1948)

Of course I'm partial to the "man's best friend is the apple" scene with Carey and Mr. Brinker (Tom Tully).  And Bob's pratfall that ends the scene earns a 10, a perfect stunt.  Do take time out of your busy season for an enjoyable movie, and a chance to see two pros do their thing. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

You Know You're Getting Old When: You Realize that 1969 was 50 Years Ago.

Nifty photo of Bob, stamped on the back as being taken November 18, 1969.  Not many pictures of him from later than 1961 after The Gallant Hours was released and Eisenhower completed his second term.  The occasion for the meeting of the two ex-employees of President Eisenhower is not given in the photo description.  It could be a political function, but I'm guessing it is a fund-raising event in New York City.  Bob was President of the board of the Repertory Theater of Lincoln Center in 1969 and besides having his glasses in his left hand, as usual, he also appears to have notes in hand, the sign of another Master of Ceremonies job for Mr. Montgomery. 

"Actor and former TV advisor to the late President Eisenhower, Robert Montgomery exchanges quips with Secret Service Director James Rowley.  Looking on in amusement is Mrs. Rowley."

Rowley looked very familiar when I first saw the photo, so I looked through my Bob politics folder and found the photo below, taken in the mid-50s.  That's James Hagerty, Eisenhower's press secretary, on the left, with Bob on the right.  The gentlemen in the center is just identified as a secret service agent, but now we know who he is .... James Rowley, the future Director of the Secret Service.  Guarding the President can have its rewards ...

And still handsome at 65 ...

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Henry Jr. in 1943. Nice Suit.

Movie Stars Parade magazine may have used the photo,

but I'm guessing the Navy took it.  As in, grab a flag, lean it against a solid background, and plunk down the officer in front of it all. 
Henry was one good looking man.  Putting him in a uniform is almost overkill ...

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Thursday, November 07, 2019

I'm Blaming Daylight Savings Time for Messing up my Biological Schedule!

Well, heck.  This week I managed to both overlook Joel McCrea's birthdate (Nov. 5th) and get my Thursday post set up on time.  Geesch.  Anyway, righting both wrongs with one action, I present Mr. McCrea in a promotional photo for Union Pacific (1939).  At the age of 34, Joel has passed through his beautiful young man stage and entered his extremely handsome stage, which lasts for a very long time.  And he was a basically good man, as well.  A rarity was Mr. McCrea.  Happy Belated Birthday, Joel. 

                                        Joel McCrea, 1939

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

And Not One Mention of a Wife ...

This is the November, 1930 issue of Photoplay.  Loretta Young was such a beautiful young lady, wasn't she!  Besides being an excellent fan magazine, this issue has several Bob sightings, including a feature article with a portrait, a candid with Fifi D'Orsay and a brief story (of questionable origin).  The article is a fun read, if not completely accurate ... typical for the time.  Probably typical for today, as well. 

 From the caption above ... a "nifty" is a clever or neatly turned phrase or joke.  (Had to look up the meaning for myself.)