Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Masterpiece Editions

I'f you've bought photos from Jay Parinno before, you've probably seen this. They have another web site called I guess I had ignored the flyer in the past because I checked it out this time and voila, Bob pics. Do a search & you'll find five photos:
  • Labeled as They Were Expendable - I'm lost on this one, it's Bob with a kid. She looks familiar...
  • Two from Vanessa, Her Love Story (ugh)
  • June Bride
  • Lady in the Lake (mirror scene)
Reprints aren't cheap. They range from $20 to $50.


Anonymous said...

I bought a Jay Parino print off ebay. A publicity shot from The Easiest Way. Ended up costing $30 bucks, but it was well worth it.:)

The little girl looks like Margaret O'Brien to me. According to IMDB, she was on a few episodes of RM Presents.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's Margaret O'Brien. I love that photo. I tried to win it on Ebay a while ago but was outbid in the last few seconds. Thanks for the link to Masterpiece Editions!

Anonymous said...

It is a cute pic!