Monday, May 08, 2006

Double Indemnity

Attention classic DVD fans. In another attempt to part money from your wallets, Double Indemnity is being re-released August 29 as a "special edition" as part of the Universal Legacy Series. As someone who doesn't own the first DVD, I haven't lost anything. However, if you own it already, and like getting the super-duper feature packed DVDs, here's your chance to fork out more cash.

Here's the extras:
  • Shadows of Suspense
  • Audio Commentary from Film Historian Richard Schickel
  • Audio Commentary with Film Historian / Screenwriter Lem Dobbs and Film Historian Nick Redman
  • Double Indemnity TV Movie (1973, 75 mins.) - Ugh, I can probably live without
Amazon has a pre-order price of $18.99 (retail $26.98). From what I've read of the reviews on the past DVD issue, hopefully the picture quality will be better.

While I'm on the topic, I recommend another Fred drama for your viewing pleasure, Above Suspicion (which I don't believe is on DVD yet). It's on TCM here & there - check it out.


violaviolet said...

I used to love this film...LOVED IT!

Then TCM decided to show it all the freaking time. Now I'm rather tired of it and Bobbie's blonde wig.

One of my very favorite Fred films is Alice Adams.

Carrie said...

It's all about Edward G. in that one!

violaviolet said...

It's all about Edward G. in that one!

oh absolutely! he's one of my very favorites.