Monday, June 05, 2006

Time For Me to Fly

Aviation is one of my other interests, so naturally, I'm gravitating toward Robert Montgomery's piloting experience. What I've found information wise has been very vague. notes he earned his license in 1930. I did find some info below on a site. Always wondered why he wasn't a Naval Aviator if he had flying experience (too old, lost interest)? Anyhow, the airport referred to is Atlanta Aero Club/DeKalb County Airport (today DeKalb Peachtree Airport, Georgia):

"An interesting sidelight of the airport'’s history is the fact that several well-known persons such as Tyrone Power, Robert Montgomery and Wayne Morris received part of their flight training at the field."

If you have any info, please drop me a line!

One interesting thing I found on, in the Publicity & Candid section are some photos of Bob & a model airplane - given to him by Reginald Denny. If you remember one of my older posts, Reginald Denny was big into radio controlled aircraft.

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