Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Mystery of Mr. X

84 minutes of pure mystery pleasure.

Everyone loves a murder mystery. I'm no different. I watched 1934's The Mystery of Mr. X last week & loved it. Take London, a suave robber, a diamond, and a murderer and you have the makings of a decent story. As always, I'm too lazy to write out a storyline, so check it out over here.

Why didn't Robert Montgomery make more action/adventure movies? There's actually a fight scene where he gives someone a good shellacking (I'm not going to give away any more plot points than I have to here). And as a friend of mine mentioned, the scene where Bob downs a pint is a hoot (now I'm thirsty).

As far as cast & crew, you've got your typical British accented cast, with actors you've seen a million times before but can't name. I absolutely loved Elizabeth Allan (first time I've seen her). I'll be looking for more of her movies now. Don't get her confused with Elizabeth Allen, Bob's first wife.

Spotted this on IMDB - working title for the movie in the USA, The Mystery of the Dead Police. Just doesn't have the same ring.


Anonymous said...

anyway you can make me a copy of this too? also, do you have dancing lady and the devil and ms.jones?

Anonymous said...

I gotta dig around & see what I have on the last two...Devil is still sitting on the PC