Monday, June 19, 2006


I think it's slick that the NY Times has old movie reviews up on their web site. For instance:

Tallulah Bankhead and Robert Montgomery in a Film Version of a Story by Mildred Cram

Published: November 19, 1932

Whatever may be said against the lengthy and tangled story of "Faithless," this film at least has the distinction of capable portrayals by Tallulah Bankhead and Robert Montgomery. Yet, as well as they do here in the various phases of the narrative, it is obvious that both would be better suited to a smart comedy than to this lumbering species of drama.
So far as one can glean, this picture is largely a case of Carol Morgan's (Miss Bankhead) recklessness during several episodes, being contrasted with Bill Wade's (Mr. Montgomery) courage and faith. Between the lines it might be added that Carol at certain stages of the proceedings reveals her loyalty, in her own peculiar manner, and that Bill is often hotheaded....

Read the rest here. I think I agree with Mordaunt on what he wrote - wow, now there's a dated name.

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