Monday, June 12, 2006

Caught in a Riptide, What Shall I do?

I love this line from Riptide: "She's cooling off like some beautiful volcano that has decided not to wipe out a lot of Italian villages."

I started watching the movie & strangely realized I know the words to the title song "Riptide." I won't start singing here, thankfully.

1934 's Riptide features Robert Montgomery & Norma Shearer - with perpetually sullen Herbert Marshall (that's ok, we still love him).

I want to see Bob do the Charleston. Seriously, I will pay to see this.

What's with the bug costumes? When you're writing a story, do you say, "I'm going to add this scene with insect'll be great!"


Anonymous said...

I can't help but think that Robert must've been a great dancer, really. He seems to me to be the type that really knew how to dance and would have loved to have danced with him, even if I couldn't dance myself, lol

Very chic and modern-looking insect costumes, gotta say.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, there's that one scene in the movie where he dances over to grab the bowtie off the guy - that's where the Charleston idea came in. He sure ain't slow dancin'!