Thursday, June 15, 2006

AFI issues another list

I was cruising around my typical news web sites this morning & noticed that the AFI issued another list, this time of the top 100 inspirational films of all time.

It amazes me how they can keep generating these lists, each with a different slant. Wasn't their first crack at this the top 100 films of all time? Anyhow, I'd have to imagine that their list topics ten years from now will get pretty specialized: "top 100 movies where leading man was having an affair during a full moon in 1937."

Your top inspirational film - It's a Wonderful Life. In a nutshell, I think anything from Frank Capra made the list. Props to To Kill a Mockingbird for making it as #2 (Tequila Mockingbird as I call it...). Other films that made it that I dig:

5. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939
11. The Best Years of Our Lives 1946
12. Apollo 13 1995
19. The Right Stuff 1983
30. Lawrence of Arabia 1962
58. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977
63. Rain Man 1988
67. The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951 (inspirational - huh?? Go Sam Jaffe!)
69. The Spirit of St. Louis 1957
74. Gunga Din 1939 (go Sam Jaffe!)

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