Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Johnny Apollo

Since we've entered the few months of sun and warmth for this part of the country, I'm watching fewer movies & trying to get more fresh air.

For the past week I've been watching Johnny Apollo. It slipped my mind that I get the Fox Movie Channel on satellite. While their programming is a mix mash of old and new movies, every once in a while I'll TiVo them. First off, I really dislike how they put the giant "TV PG" symbol over the beginning of the film - only because I'm burning it to DVD. TCM has that rating placement down to a science.

As I've mentioned in past posts, I'm into prison & gangster movies. Johnny Apollo fits both, but is an odd film - it's Tyrone Power's fault. The film features a great cast: Edward Arnold, Dorothy Lamour, Lloyd Nolan (I loved him as the bad guy here). I understand that they wanted to take a clean & perfect character & turn him into a criminal, but it's awkward watching Tyrone in the part. Maybe because he never becomes a *real* criminal. Plot aside, it was hard to connect with his character. Edward Arnold was fun watching - the investor/embezzler turned prisoner & damn good boilermaker.

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