Tuesday, June 13, 2006


3,000 miles of terror!

One of my favorite films is Hitchcock's Saboteur. Noticed they're reissuing the film for the umpteenth time on DVD. I just think the box art is cool.

When Universal Studios Florida had the Alfred Hitchcock *ride* there was a queue area where they gathered everyone before going into the theater. Well, to pass the time, they asked the crowd Hitchcock trivia. I was answering all of their questions. They kindly told me to let "others participate" (read: shut up) so I started feeding answers to my mom. I wish they kept that *ride.* Last I was at Universal, they turned it into Shrek 3D.


Anonymous said...

Bah, they couldn't appreciate someone who knew a lot about Hitchcock - losers, lol

I dunno if it's still there (doubt it) but I remember that at Universal Studios here in Hollywood, they had an Alfred Hitchcock special effects section (it also included Back to the Future, and I forgot what other movie/show) - it was quite cool to me, though the music creeped me out, lol

Anonymous said...

Ya, I think they got rid of anything Alfred on it - it's not "in." I still cherish my Bates Motel keychain.