Thursday, June 08, 2006

DVD Reissue Crazy

They re-released They Were Expendable this past week, along with a bunch of John Wayne/John Ford movies, all for a JW/JF box set. I'll admit, it totally slipped my mind til I saw the boxes of John Wayne DVDs at Sam's Club. And I mean boxes. If it isn't in bulk, you're not at Sam's.

Anyhow, reissues without any additional material are pointless. Sure, TWE is in a nicer clamshell box with different artwork, but it's the same film with the almost required *Theatrical Trailer* tacked onto it. What about photos? What about a *making of* documentary? What about...I could go on.

Do a search for TWE on Amazon - there's seven different ways you can buy the movie! Seven! I'm sure someday they'll come out with the *Super Mega Collector's Edition Pro* - the movie and trailer on two disks.

Enough of my rant.

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