Friday, March 17, 2006

William Powell

Yeah, so I'm about two movies into the Thin Man box set. Word to the wise, watch a Thin Man movie in one sitting. I typically watch a movie while on the treadmill each night, in 20-30 minute increments. I'm getting lost on plot lines.

Anyhow, ran into a nice William Powell fan site yesterday - check it out at I had the puttins scared out of me when the site first came up - Powell's voice rang out of my speakers (so beware).

I also watched about the first half of My Man Godfrey the other day....deleted it from TiVo. The copy off of TCM was terrible - bright & blurry. You'd think a better copy exists.

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Anonymous said...

I love William Powell! TCM seems to show movies mainly in the 30's and up but I would like to see some of his earlier films. He has a wide range of characters and I wish they would show more of them.