Wednesday, March 15, 2006

George Hurrell

I collect movie memorabilia, especially black & white 8x10s of favorite movies and actors. I'll have to say that the slickest photos out there of actresses & actors are those done by photographer George Hurrell - of which I own zero copies of (can't afford them). I'm not going to get into a Hurrell bio, but you can check out the one on Wikipedia.

Some of Hurrell's slickest work was with MGM. His photgraphs of Robert Montgomery are outstanding. The lighting he used in all of his photos was stunning. Stars look like stars in his photography. Anyhow...

If you're interested is seeing or buying RM Hurrell portraits:
  • IMDB offers a slide show of RM photos
  • Buy Hurrell RM pics from MPTV Starlight Gallery - I asked them about other RM pics for sale and they have a whole other set of photos not appearing in the Gallery site. Drop em an email. Do note that you'll probably be paying around $275 for an 11x17 print.
  • offers some RM rerints at various sizes. Haven't purchased any so I can't speak on the quality of the prints.
  • Last, a book I don't own but hope to find - Hurrell's Hollywood Portraits, by Mark Viera. Find it on Amazon.

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