Monday, March 20, 2006

Made on Broadway - Love and Lollypops (part 2)

Back to Robert Montgomery & Jeff Bidwell. "I'm sawing you off..." a term I've never heard of, but pretty effective when paired with a hand sawing your arm off movement. Bidwell attempts to "saw off" his ex-wife (and really good friend) Mrs. Bidwell. Doesn't work. He does though successfully "saw off" Mona.

That's another thing. Throughout the film, Bidwell is always talking with his ex, they're good friends. It's almost creepy.

Anyhow, that's my take on the film. Want a more thorough review? Go to the IMDB. Oh, one last thing. Watch for the Mr. Lepedis, the bail bondsman, trying to talk sans dentures. Too funny.


Anonymous said...

I simply adored this film! I much prefer Robert in more tangible roles than the playboy fluff he was so often asked to portray.

Anonymous said...

I loved this film, too—it was loads of fun from beginning to end. Bob had some fine moments, especially the scene with the hired weeping ladies (oh and Bob's dressing scene was very nice, too!).