Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Welcome to a new blog...on old stuff

Ok, I've decided to start my own blog. I'm sure I'll be writing to an audience of two - myself and whover stumbles across this site.

Why Robert Montgomery? Well, I just started watching his films in the past six months & really love his style. "Mr. & Mrs Smith" was the first film of his I saw. I love Hitchcock films and of course, this flick was in the DVD rotation (how could you not love that film - it's a great screwball comedy).

TCM had their RM as their Star of the Month back in January (2006) and I started Tivo-ing his films & burning to DVD (cause you sure can't find them in the stores on DVD...). Burning from Tivo is a whole other post coming...

I'll be posting whatever I can find on RM that other fans may find of interest - photos, TV schedules, my movie reviews, etc. I also love B&W film in general, so I'll add my two cents on that as well. I'm currently trying to make my way through The Thin Man box set. I welcome comment from other fans as well, so speak up!


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog via the comments you made on imdb!

I am an avid Montgomery fan too! One need only look at my LiveJournal blog to see that!

I love your blog so far! You usage of that staggering TCM Now Playing pic is amazing.:)

Anonymous said...

oops....here's my lj link...