Monday, March 20, 2006

Made on Broadway - The Great Bidwell (part 1)

TCM aired Made on Broadway at the beginning of March and I just finished watching it. The film features Robert Montgomery, Sally Eilers, and Madge Evans.

The credits note the story is based on Courtney Terrett's (or Courtenay) original story "Public Relations." I bet if it were a book, it'd be a hoot. I work with PR people, so I can relate a bit to the tactics to take a story and mold it to your point of view.

Anyhow, Montgomery is Jeff Bidwell, a PR guy who helps all the bigwigs and celebrities in town get out of predicaments. He also runs a speakeasy in his home (yeah!). Bidwell is on a ferry when a young lady (Sally Eilers) attempts to commit suicide by jumping into the river. Well, he jumps in, saves her, and "Mona" is born - the product of a PR mind (and some makeup). You see, Mona kills a man later and we see how Jeff Bidwell's "connections" help her.

One thing that struck me was the lighting of characters in certain scenes. There seems to be more dramatic lighting - bright on one side of the face, shady on the other. I honestly don't know if it was intentional or just a product of the photography (or just me). This post has an example, which really doesn't turn out on the PC as good.

More tomorrow.

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