Saturday, March 18, 2006

Oh Toppy...

It's 1938 and Topper Takes a Trip. Yep, finished that one up the other night. The sequel to the original Topper movie, it's entertaining...meaning it isn't not a real mindbender or bore.

What's odd is how they splice film in from the first Topper movie, to let you know what happened to get Cosmo Topper into his predicament with the Mrs. As it notes in the credits, Cary Grant kindly allowed the footage from the first movie to be used in this film. Guess he was too much $$ to get him into the sequel (or some contract issue, etc.). Not having him in the film is odd - he just seems to disappear (ha, he's a ghost) throughout the whole story.

Roland Young
is cute in the movie...lots of mumbling & dancing with himself.

Nuts, thought I had this flick on DVD with the Topper two-DVD set. I was going to add a screen grab of my favorite scene. Constance Bennett holding Mr. Atlas (Asta the dog) standing next to the tail of a DC-3...while it's flying. Ghosts have the coolest jobs.

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Anonymous said...

Have you read Topper the novel by Thorne Smith? It's one of my very favorites.:)