Tuesday, March 29, 2022

An Appropriate Christmas Gift for Young Bob

 Back a few years, a couple dozen books of Bob's, via Bob Jr., became available on eBay.  I bought a few, although I wanted them all.  Drats ... I really do need to win the lottery.  

How fitting for this book to be part of Bob's library.  

Young Bob has autographed all the books I have from the period 1930 to 1933.  He will later on design and use a bookplate, instead of signing the flyleaf.  (Sorry, don't have a copy of the bookplate ... one of the many auctions I have lost!)  

The book was a gift to Bob from Del, a 1930 Christmas gift.  It appears Del is a close friend of Bob's, and has a great sense of humor.  That is, unfortunately, all I know about her.  


Allison said...

haha I had to look up what a bookplate was! Cool stuff to find on eBay :)

Kathy said...

Allison, you little whippersnapper! Hey, I'm glad you can identify a book.

Allison said...

LOL not sure if I would say whippersnapper or my red neck side of showing ��