Thursday, March 03, 2022

Betty and Bob Actually Leave the House

 What I know about these clippings is that the first one comes from a July, 1946 issue of Screen Romances.  The middle one was probably taken at the same event at an art gallery.  The third, who knows.  Anyway, it's the brooch Buffy is wearing that caught my eye.  Then I realized she's wearing the same dress in all three photos.  

Bob looks bored.  Perhaps someone is trying to sell him a painting.  

The photo caption is for Nov. 6, when Betty announced from Las Vegas that she was divorcing Bob.   That was in 1950.  Their separation hit the gossip columns in August of that year.  The photo was taken some time before that.  Maybe even back in 1946.  Bob looking bemused.  Definitely not the look of a man in the midst of a divorce.  

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