Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Pearls and Long White Gloves, Classy!

 INSIDE HOLLYWOOD by Nat Dallinger, week ending June 8, 1956:  Ray Milland and his wife, Mal (Muriel) attend a cocktail party at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  One of the screen's most popular stars and more recently a top favorite with television fans, Ray made his Hollywood film debut in 1931.  In that same year he and Mal were married, making this year (1956) their 25th wedding anniversary.

Mal was definitely a classic beauty who stayed married to Ray for 54 years, until he passed in 1986.  Hats off to her for achieving that, particularly in Hollywood.  And hats off to Ray for appearing in public sans toupee.  He's still the handsome gent.  A really classy 1950s couple, for sure!

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