Thursday, March 24, 2022

The Thrill Picture of All Time!

A love story without equal!  Months in secret production with a cast of thousands!  Mightiest picture of all time!  

Well, there is perhaps a tad bit of exaggeration involved in this Hell Below (1933) ad.  I'm not sure why "months in secret production" would make a movie betterSeems like that would be difficult to accomplish having to deal with a cast of thousands...  I rather like the movie.  The adventure scenes are quite good for 1933.  Bob does a fine job of his strictly dramatic/romance role.  It's the humor element that is the weak part.  I mean, Jimmy Durante fighting a kangaroo.  Really?  


Allison said...

I have not seen it but how in the heck did Jimmy Durante fighting a kangaroo work its way into this plot?

Of course I remember flipping thru the channels and coming across a Perry Mason rerun that involved him and a gorilla.

Kathy said...

Slow-responding Kathy ... sorry 'bout that. Need a swift kick to wake me up! Anyway...MGM tried very hard to make Durante into a full-fledged star, but he just didn't catch on in movies. I can just hear the exec deciding Durante needed a movie and Hell Below could stand some humor, and he'll be just great fighting a kangaroo. Yeah, that's a winner! Aargghhh!

Bob's birthday coming up soon. Maybe TCM will reward us with some movies not shown often. Hell Below would be a great one. Fingers crossed (but not holding my breath!).

Allison said...

Agree...of all the ways to add some humor that is what they came up with?