Tuesday, March 01, 2022

1929 Was a Very Good Year for Bob

 Another version of our extremely photogenic 1929 Bob Montgomery.  Do not know anything about it.  This is a small photo, slightly smaller than a standard postcard.  Purchased it from a vendor in France.  Of course Bob was pretty much locked up in the studio at this time, so he didn't trek off to Paris to have it taken.  I'm thinking it was reprinted in France at a later time, which might explain the unusual size.  

Whatever, he is just gorgeous.  I like the emphasis on Bob's long delicate hand.  Nifty.  


Allison said...

Boy he does have a big hand in that picture

Kathy said...

Yeah, he did have big hands, long and slender. Professional pianist size hands. He could play the piano, not sure to what extent. It would've been easy for him! He's very young here, very slender. As his body fills out with age, the hands will look more normal. Long hands, long neck...Bob had a rather unique body, to go along with a rather unique personality. One of a kind, for sure.