Thursday, March 17, 2022

As Cute as Snoopy fighting the Red Baron!

 "Robert Montgomery, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer featured player and his new Travel air plane."

Bob the pilot in his brief time as a flyer.  It was certainly an expensive lark if he did actually buy a plane.  Other than a couple photos of him in his all-white flying outfit, there is very little information about his flying activities.  He apparently went with Chester Morris to Georgia where the two of them obtained licenses and then flew back to Los Angeles.  That is all I've come up with.  It would be great to know why he quit flying.  I'm going to guess that Betty put her foot down when she was pregnant with their first child, telling Bob he needed to grow up and think of his family first.   Could be.  I do know he was unbearably cute in his pilot hat with the goggles!  

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