Sunday, April 30, 2006

Antique Maul

Stopped at an antique mall over the weekend. There's always something interesting to look at in these places. Sure, there'’s a lot of overpriced junk -– but no one said you had to buy it.

The interesting part of this visit was a booth that had a bunch of movie star autographs. As I am not an expert in autographs (and don't pretend to be one on TV), they could have been faked for all I know. Looked like fountain pen on yellowed B&W 8x10s, so I fell for them. The one that stuck out to me was a 14x10 (or thereabouts) B&W of Dana Andrews signed to some fellow. The only thing between me & the photo was $185. I kept walking...

For the record, I love The Best Years of Our Lives & can't make it all the way through Laura.


Anonymous said...

Dana was such a hottie ( yeah I tend to talk like that;)

I haven't seen Laura in ages. Have you seen Ball of Fire?? Dana's use of gangster slang is quite thrilling.

Anonymous said...

Naw, haven't seen Ball of Fire (mental note...add to list)