Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's Bootleg, Baby!

Ya’ll remember me spouting off about purchasing Here Comes Mr. Jordan off ebay a week or so ago. Well, a day after PayPal’d the funds, I received the below message from the seller:

Hi, just a quick email to let you know about a couple of things. First off, congratulations on winning my auction & paying so promptly. Also, I don't know if I had the opportunity to tell you earlier but this is not a genuine release DVD. The genuine article simply does not exist. It was transferred from VHS to DVD & is a very nice copy. It is as good as one can get from an anologue (video) source but not strict DVD quality. I've been so snowed with work fighting forest fires that I wasn't sure if I told you this earlier or not. I know this is not everyone's cup of tea but the alternative is to not have it at all. I am not a dealer, simply a collector & an enthusiast who wants to share these forgotten gems with others who also find it impossible to track them down. I am merely covering my outlay. i hope this does not create any problems.

No, no one said it was a bootleg in the original auction - odd to bring that up now. Anyhow, deep in my gut I kinda figured that. Aw heck, I can't blame the guy.

Got the DVD in the mail on Monday. First, it works, so that’s a relief. Zipped through it and the quality seems decent. There’s a small vertical black bar on the right…ok, I’m getting too detailed.

I’ll write about watching the movie (for the first time) in an upcoming post. I gotta figure out what the deal is with the saxophone...


Anonymous said...

Your in for a real treat my dear.;)

Anonymous said...

oops...i meant "you're." blah.

Anonymous said...

I'm calling yer english teacher rite away