Saturday, April 08, 2006

Swapping Bobs

Heh, found this photo - couldn't help but post it after yesterday's pic.


Anonymous said...

ta-ha...i posted this same pic over at lj....i think because i was going on about how much i don't care for franchot tone. my caption for this picture was joanie saying something like "why must Bob be so much hotter than my milksop husband?"

hey i know....the height of cleverness.;p

Anonymous said...

Ya always gotta look out when you can barely pronounce a guy's name without help. And to think he was her hubby in real life

Anonymous said...

I kinda liked him in Three Loves Has Nancy with Bob, but otherwise he bores me to tears. Just like Joan's first husband, Doug Fairbanks Jr. Whatever.;p

Anonymous said...

What do you call him for short - Frank? ;0)

"Franchot...dinner's ready..."