Friday, April 07, 2006

One Last Young

Finally the weekend at last. I'm burned out from work. I could use a Cosmo right now.

Going to leave everyone one last Robert Young photo. Haven't dug into what movie yet. If ya know, drop me a note.


Anonymous said...

I think that movie might be "The Bride Wore Red." Speaking of swapping Roberts: Robert Montgomery was actually slated for the role played by Robert Young. Montgomery balked at playing another rich playboy type, especially so soon after his success with "Night Must Fall," and the part went to Young—and as punishment for rebelling L.B.Mayer loaned Montgomery to Warners for "Ever Since Eve."

Anonymous said...

I think you're right on the bullseye.

I haven't seen Ever Since Eve to judge the punishment :0) but the non-playboy films of his have to be my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Ever Since Eve is terribly silly....but perfectly tolerable.

but the non-playboy films of his have to be my favorites.

You know I'm with you there.;)

Anonymous said...

I agree about Ever Since Eve, although I can watch Marion Davies in anything, and she was so cute in those glasses and wig. Come to think of it, I also really liked the night club scene in Eve, and I love the song, but the plot was way too implausible.