Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Robert who?

I work in a maze of cubicles. It isn't as bad as my old job which had no office walls. Just one large room with a concrete floor and a dozen people and their own desks.

I recently changed the wallpaper background image on my PC at work to the Letty Lynton Hurrell photo of Bob sitting between the statues. Five minutes went by and the person who works next to me stopped by for the usual morning blab.

Him: "Who's that?"
Me: "Oh, that's my favorite actor, from way back when."
Him: "OK, he's a handsome fella."

A few hours later...he stops by again.

Him: "What's that actor's name?"
Me: "Robert Montgomery"
Him: "Oh. What movies was he in?"
Me: "Uhm (pause - I know no matter what I said nothing would click). They Were Expendable, Here Comes Mr. Jordan..." (I went on with a few other titles, but I was essentially talking to myself)
Him: "Oh, ok...those movies."

I was tempted to send him Bob's bio on Wikipedia or something. I think I'll just keep rotating the backgrounds & see if I can educate him.


Anonymous said...

I think you should send him the Wikipedia thing...just to see what he says.;)

Anonymous said...

I'll probably get grilled right after sending it to him...worktime yack...asking totally obscure things that only Bob's wife(s) would know...

Anonymous said...

"those movies." i've heard that before, too. good luck teaching him!