Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Which do You Prefer - Geometric, Simple Black, Black Silk or Checkered?

The ever classy and elegant Mr. Montgomery wore dressing gowns between takes while on set to prevent mussing up his wardrobe.  In late 1933, on the set of The Mystery of Mr. X with Elizabeth Allan and Direct Edwyn Selwyn, he is shown wearing a geometric patterned gown with accompanying white scarf, of course.  Wonder what color it was ... I'm guessing blue and gold.  Or maybe green. 

In Here Comes Mr. Jordan, Bob, as playboy Farnsworth, wears a simple all black gown over his boxing attire.  Below he is shown with co-star Rita Johnson taking a cigarette break.  The bare legs and boxing shoes look a tad out of place in this setting, don't you think.

On the set of The Last of Mrs. Cheyney, Bobs looks superb in classy black silk.  Note the white handkerchief even.  Frank Morgan looks rather natty himself in a checkered gown.  I wouldn't dare play a hand of blackgammon with either of these two gents. 

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