Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy Birthday, Charlotte Greenwod (Belated)

I meant to do this entry for Ms. Greenwood on her June 25th birthday.  Apparently, the image of Errol Flynn in a sleeveless t-shirt pushed her out of my thoughts.  My apologies, Charlotte.

Charlotte has always been a favorite character of mine.  Probably first became aware of her as Aunt Eller in Oklahoma (1955), one of her last performances and a darn good one at that.  Always a delight, the tall, double-jointed comedienne stole many a scene in movies such as Man in Possession (1931), in which she played Clara, Crystal Wetherby's (Irene Purcell) wise-cracking maid who is not very pleased with Raymond Dabney (Bob) the 'morning after.'  

Charlotte began her career as a dancer in vaudeville and a successful stage career followed.  This is a portrait of Charlotte taken c. 1920.   Great smile.

You really need to check out this video which shows Charlotte doing a rather amazing dance routine. 

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