Thursday, June 04, 2015

Happy Birthday, Rosalind Russell!

Early in her career, Roz Russell was afraid she would be type cast in mousy schoolmarm roles and worked hard to prove to be the versatile actress that she was.  Of course, she proved that and more, she was quite the good actress as well.  And no one remembers Roz as being mousy ... far from it!

In Design for Scandal (1941) she plays a judge who has a conniving reporter arrested, when she finds out he had deceived her.  That's one way to keep Walter Pidgeon in line!

                                    Roz with Walter Pidgeon

She portrays an aviatrix, a fictionalized Amelia Earhart, in Flight for Freedom (1943). 
                           Roz with fellow pilot, Fred MacMurray

In The Feminine Touch (1941), she's the wife of a psychology professor, who doesn't have a clue. 

                                   Roz with clueless Don Ameche

Roz was just an absolute delight.  I would be thankful if she had made only Auntie Mame!  And, oh yes, the five movies she made with Bob.  That she also gave great performances in His Girl Friday, Gypsy, Picnic, The Women and dozens of other movies ... now that's just almost too much to hope for from one actress.  Thanks, Roz.

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Debbie said...

Roz was the best! Beautiful, bright, talented and oh so funny!! Thanks for the great Roz post! She more than deserves it!