Tuesday, June 09, 2015

And What's Behind the Cover?

Buying movie magazines for their "Bob" content is a real hit and miss proposition.  The vendors never tell you enough, there is always the guess factor.  I bought this June, 1933 issue of Hollywood primarily for the cover.  Understandably so.  Anything found behind the cover of Bob and Madge Evans was a bonus for me.  The "movie novel" of Made on Broadway has five illustrations.  Besides this main feature, there are three mentions of Bob, including one photo.  This magazine has definitely been one of my better finds. 

      "Under the watchful eyes of Jeff and Claire, a corps of beauty
      experts wrought a miracle with the sprightly Mona Martine."  

If you can believe the above magazine reporter was Bob's old pal ....  Sorry about the blurry copy below.  To save your eyes, you can skip to the last paragraph for Bob. 
And, if you believe this one .... 1930s studio PR departments were very creative!

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