Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Guest Hunks in Cowboy Hats

How could one not like Glenn Ford.  Just look at that smile...almost as good as Bob's!

Joel McCrea looks good no matter the outfit, or lack thereof.  He does look comfortable in western attire.

Dan Duryea in a western outfit ... not quite comfortable but not so bad.  The scruffy beard helps.  A really good man, so I understand, who could play irritating bad guys so well.  Maybe if he had worked on his smile ...


Robert Fithen said...

Speaking of cowboys, did you hear there is a new book out all about the 30-day filming of "They Were Expendable" with John Wayne and RM. Supposed to be loaded with previously unseen photos. It was just published in May. Mine's on the way.

Kathy said...

Robert - No, I hadn't heard! Fantastic. It's not on Amazon, just checked. What's the name of the book? Where can we get a copy? That had to have been an interesting set. Thanks for another Bob Alert!!!