Thursday, May 15, 2014

With All Good Wishes

     A letter from Bob, sent from his office in 1968.  I like the signature, his initials, I assume.  All I can see is a large letter R and some scribbles.  Not exactly the formalized signature one is used to seeing, but the sweeping line with the hash marks below his name is the same.  And it is in blue, of course.  Note the letterhead is printed in blue as well.
     President Lyndon Johnson selected Bob as a trustee for the National Citizen's Committee for Broadcasting (NCCB) when it was set up in 1967.  I am guessing that is why he would be sending a copy of the Congressional Record to an editor of the "Saturday Review."  My, I just realized that the ending salutation is "With all good wishes."  That's nifty, Mr. Montgomery. 
     I am also attaching a photo of 745 5th Ave.  So, both his office and Manhattan apartment were located in buildings 30-plus stories high.  Well, he did enjoy flying. 

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