Tuesday, May 06, 2014

How to Avoid Southern California Traffic

The Gallant Hours was filmed April - June, 1959, in Los Angeles and San Diego, CA.  The above photo was taken May 10, 1959.  I am totally unacquainted with naval terms, not sure if this is simply a boat, a yacht or what have you.  But, it's a 70-footer and it belonged to James Cagney.  The ship is in harbor at Newport Harbor (Yacht Club) in Newport Beach, CA, located south of LA.  As in a very beautiful and extremely costly piece of real estate.  What d'ya think, the Boys (Bob and Jim) on a weekend getaway from the trials of filming?  I always like these subtle reminders that the rich live a different life from ours.  My experience of this part of the state is being stuck in the usual traffic jam on the 405.  Oh, hey ... in my next life. 

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