Thursday, May 08, 2014

Another Fun Session With Hurrell

George Hurrell was an enthusiastic, brash extrovert.  His photo sessions were filled with music and shenanigans to try to get his subject to relax and find the right mood for his portraits.  And then he met Bob.  An unsmiling, bored Bob remained stoic no matter what Hurrell tried.  The following portraits are all from one of the Hurrell sessions.  To me, Bob looks different in each photo, but they all seem to convey that Bob is not a particularly happy camper.  In a rather poor attempt at humor, I've added Bob's thoughts in each photo.  If you can come up with better ones, please be my guest!

"Geesch, another session with weird Hurrell.  How mind-numbing can life be?!"

"Umm ... if I can get back to the studio within 30 minutes so I can change outfits, I just might have time to make the polo match."

            "More photos.  Just great.  Will this agony ever end?!"

"Okay, this is as big a smile as you'll get from me ... I'm out of here!"


Debbie said...

I've read where Hurrell (and others) described Bob as "cold". I don't know about you (well, I do know about you, Kathy), but even bored and oh so stoic, the charm can't help but ooze out of these photos. "Cold", nonsense!

Kathy said...

Ah...Debbie and her Bob-colored glasses! C'mon, Deb, Bob was a complicated critter. I'm guessing he didn't "suffer fools gladly," and there were a lot of those in the movie business. I just don't see him wasting his "uber charm." Perhaps "distant" instead of "cold" would describe it best, staying within his "self" rather than letting the other person invade his space. (Enuf Psychology 101 for tonight!)