Monday, May 19, 2014

Robert Montgomery Birthday Week - Portraits

May 21, 1904 ... 110 years ... Hey, time to celebrate in a big way!!  I thought initially I'd just grab a few of my favorite photos to use on Wednesday, but my list of favorites became so extensive that I upped the celebration to the whole week ... and still agonized over trimming the number down to five a day.  Ah, what sweet agony.  Except for Wednesday's entry, the photos have all been used on the blog.  (Yes, NEW photos on his birthday, and definitely worth waiting for!!)  But they are all good for a second showing.  I call this grouping of Bob portraits, "4 Cotton Candy and 1 Crazy Danny." 

                                            Age 25 (1929)

                                              Age 26 (1930)                      

                                             Age 27 (1931)

                                              Age 29 (1933)

                                            Age 33 (1937)


Debbie said...

Happy birthday to Bob, and thanks Kathy for one of my favorite Danny's amongst the other Bob eye candy! YUM, YUM, YUM!!!!!! My oh my, he sure did age well!

3rdplanet said...

Can't wait for the new photos tomorrow! I wonder how he liked to celebrate his birthdays... Probably real quite in a small circle of close friends and family. How will you celebrate his birthday, Kathy? And others? What movies are you planning to watch? I'm thinking something from the 30s now that I've seen these photos of young Bob. :)

Kathy said...

3rdplanet - Hope you enjoy today's photos, I certainly do, good time to share them. I don't know how he celebrated, but would certainly have enjoyed being invited to one of his parties. Since I've been thinking in fives this week, I've narrowed down my Bob Day movie viewing to Private Lives, Love in the Rough, Unfinished Business, Another Language or Once More My Darling. Haven't seen them in a while, need to refresh my memory.

And Debbie...down, woman, down.