Thursday, May 22, 2014

Robert Montgomery Birthday Week - Co-Stars

Besides being favorite photos, I chose five ladies who were good matches for Bob.  The ever so cute Dorothy Jordan paired well with the youthful Beautiful Bob.  One of my favorite pairings was Bob and Maureen O'Sullivan, a truly beautiful couple.  Darn, but I wish they had made more movies together.  Helen Hayes was Bob's personal favorite leading actress and you can see his respect and adoration for her come through onto the screen.  After five movies together, Bob's and Rosalind Russell's performances were seamless, and a laugh shared at work was real, not just for the camera.  Lastly, only because of my timeline, 30-year-old Audrey Totter's "bad girl" was a great match for older Bob's tough guys.  And what did they all have in common?  The good fortune of sharing the screen with Bob.  Lucky ladies.

                    Love in the Rough (1930) with Dorothy Jordan

                       Hide-Out (1934) with Maureen O'Sullivan

                 Vanessa:  Her Love Story (1935) with Helen Hayes

                   Trouble for Two (1936) with Rosalind Russell

                         Saxon Charm (1948) with Audrey Totter


Debbie said...

Such great pictures! I agree with you, Montgomery and O'Sullivan, beautiful! Wasn't she supposed to co-star with Bob in "Busman's (Haunted) Honeymoon" but was called to Ireland because of the war breaking out? I have had fantasies about a sequel to Hide-Out. Jack (Lucky) gets out of prison, returns to Pauline, marries her and takes on busting up the racketeers! Oh well, in my dreams.

I know what Roz is laughing's the mustache! lol

Kathy said...

Hey, thanks for the reminder of Maureen having been set to co-star with Bob --- these senior moments are happening way too often! Love the sequel idea. Or a whole series of movies so you could watch the two age together. Interesting. And just for the record, you may have seen the listing on eBay for a cousin photo of the one of Bob and Dorothy...asking $400? I did not pay that much!

We've ALL had a good laugh about the mustache!